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Authentic is What Your Grandmother Says It Is

Please allow us to introduce you to the Moroccan condiment.... cHarissa is a seasoning created in America by Morocco native, Gloria Fultz for her American children, grandchildren and especially her husband (from Montana) Earl Fultz.

It is truly authentic for in Morocco "authentic is what your Grandmother says it is." cHarissa is a cunning blend of cumin and spices that elevate the flavor of any food that it accompanies.

It's Good on Everything!

This universal condiment will transform any meat,fish, vegetable or even day old pizza into an exciting and flavorful dining experience. Integrating our healthy yet delicious seasoning to your savory sustenance requires just a spoonful! But don't be shy for cHarissa is "thoroughly addictive!"

Eliminating the Competition!

Help us on our crusade in annihilating the infamous Smothers Brothers!Everyone knows what to expect when you add ketchup or mustard to food. These condiments exclusively smother taste. They are saturated with sugar and preservatives. cHarissa compliments food and enhances its natural flavor with every bite. Cumin, being the main ingredient in cHarissa, has an incessant list of health benefits.